K&W joins the blog world. Hello, this is who we are!

Kudela & Weinheimer is a full service Landscape Architecture firm with offices in Houston and San Antonio. The firm has 18 highly talented employees at this time. Thad Kudela is design principal at K&W. His extraordinary design skills account for the firm’s highly inventive work. Darin Weinheimer acts as construction principal at K&W. Kudela & Weinheimer’s concise construction documentation moves projects smoothly from drawing board to finish.

Kudela & Weinheimer’s services include, but are not limited to: Site Planning, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Master Planning, Irrigation Design, Reclaimed Water Irrigation Methods, Project Management, On-Structure Landscape Design, Park and Trail Systems, Planting Design and Construction Administration.

Estimates. Budgets. Schedules. K&W excels at the practical aspects of a project. You’ll find that we forecast costs accurately, schedule jobs realistically, and execute assignments efficiently. We believe in acting rather than reacting which makes us highly responsive. And we firmly believe that delivering on our promises is the secret to long-term success.

This year we are celebrating our 20th year in business. K&W started landscape architecture design consulting in 1991, since that time the firm has produced a diverse portfolio of commercial projects. To see our projects visit our website!

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