Cha…Cha…Change is Good

We’ve been incredibly busy over here at Kudela & Weinheimer Landscape Architects. With the influx of multifamily developments, and our reputation for superb multifamily landscape design, our firm is growing and changing.

K&W had a big change happen today, a very valuable employee, Wesley Salazar, has been promoted to Project Manager. Wesley graduated Texas A&M University with a degree in Landscape Architecture, and K&W is pleased to have been molding and training him since graduation. His passion is designing planting plans and he excels at listening to clients’ needs and conveying their needs into build-able planting designs. In our fast paced, get it done yesterday world, he can turn project around quickly!

During the time Wesley has worked at Kudela & Weinheimer he has produced some very notable projects in a diverse array of sectors including, Higher Education, Healthcare, Management Districts, Multifamily, Retail and Office. A sampling of projects he has worked his magic on:

Wesley not only runs with his work, he literally runs! In his spare time he has been a finisher in (2) half-marathons and the Houston full Marathon 2011. He has also served office on the Greater East End Civic Association, volunteers for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Awareness 5k and ASLA events.

Kudela & Weinheimer appreciates Wesley’s hard work and dedication and we love having him around the office!

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