20 Year Celebration!

On October 28, 2011 Kudela & Weinheimer celebrated the 20th anniversary of opening the landscape architectural consulting firm, which started as Kudela Design Works. I would bet there are not too many of you that know K&W started under that name!

To celebrate two decades of service to developers, architects and engineers, Mr. Kudela & Mr. Weinheimer treated the office to a lunch celebration at Benjy’s on Washington on that day. The event was attended by the K&W Houston office staff, we enjoyed appetizers, adult beverages and lunch as the bosses treat! Thank you Mr. Kudela & Mr. Weinheimer!

Wrapped in a drawing and signed by all of the staff at the Houston office.

As a gift of appreciation and pride in our firms’ long standing service, the employees at K&W wanted to present Mr. Kudela and Mr. Weinheimer with a gift. The gift was a 20 year plaque to coordinate with our KW Lobby sign, which was wrapped in a re-purposed [yep! being “green”] large color landscape drawing and signed by the office staff. Unexpected but very appreciated, Ed Williams at NEC Signage + Architectural Products, donated the 12″ x 12″, steel, 20 year plaque which NEC produced in a flash. Because they didn’t have much time to produce it, the sign in the picture is a temporary “mock up,” with a final product which is in production now. Thank you Mr. Williams for everything you do for us, we thoroughly enjoy working with you!

Also presented to Mr. Kudela & Mr. Weinheimer was a 20 year anniversary cake. Of course you can’t celebrate anything without a cake! Although as you can see from the pictures, our poor cake had a little mishap, or actually, the person carrying it did, but let’s not talk about that.

Sad little cake

All in all, good times were had by everyone and we extend our gratitude; and in the spirit of the season, give thanks, to our clients, partners and vendors for making Kudela & Weinheimer the firm that it is today! Happy Thanksgiving!

Want to know more about Kudela & Weinheimer? Visit our website, download our brochure, see a sample of our projects!

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