Abundant Blessings 2011

It is always at this time of year that we reflect back on the past year. Playing Santa Clause for the past three weeks was definitely an improvement over the past two years. Overall I have noticed the business mood has lightened up a little bit and people are looking forward to new projects in the development world. Over here at Kudela & Weinheimer, we have been fortunate enough to be a beneficiary of the first development recovery, multifamily housing. As Mr. Weinheimer would say “We are busier than a one armed grave digger,” which is a great situation to be in considering the past few years.

Every year, K&W shows our gratitude to our top 20% of clients with a very special holiday gift. Our gift is a fine art photograph of a natural Texas landscape set in a different region of the state and taken by a different photographer every year. The image is printed on archival museum paper, signed by the artist and framed. The process is quite time consuming because once the image is purchased it is then sent off to Aker Imaging to be professionally printed and the final prints are sent back to the photographer for a signature and title.  When the printed images get back to our office, the Kudela & Weinheimer staff (aka elves) help to take the frames apart, clean the glass and insert pictures, a process which takes several days to complete. And all thanks to Mrs. Weinheimer the packages are beautifully wrapped with ribbon and embellishments which she is able to knock out like a crafting superhero.

From the Panhandle Plains to the Piney Woods…from Big Bend to the Gulf Coast…Texas offers a myriad of memorable vistas, which can keep the series going for a long time to come. Two thousand eleven marks the sixth year we have presented this type of gift to our clients (some of them have all six hanging right in their offices). In our reflection on the past year, Kudela & Weinheimer’s chose a photograph titled “Abundant Blessings,” taken by Joe Lowery, in honor of our current circumstance. The photograph is not only a beautiful print, but it also fits the emotional bill of our current circumstance, we have been abundantly blessed with the best clients a company could ask for! If you too, would like to be on our gift list, all you need to do is make your way to the top twenty percent of our clients.

All kidding aside, although we cannot afford, via time or money, to present every client with one of these gifts, we thank all 100% of our clients for bringing us Abundant Blessings! Our relationship with you is one thing we treasure. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Joe Lowery Bio Card

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