There’s No Place Like Home

Master Planned Community Landscape Designer

It’s the American dream: a beautiful home, 2.5 kids, a dog (or a cat if that’s your thing), and a lawn to mow on the weekends.  We all want a place to come back to at the end of a long day that feels like home, where you get to feel safe, and gives you a sense of community.

I find my passion working on excellent examples of this with Friendswood Development Company, who introduced the concept of the master planned community to Houston in the 1960’s.  For the past 5 years, I’ve been able to lend a hand in shaping some amazing communities like ‘West Ranch’ in Friendswood, ‘Oakhurst’ & ‘ Auburn Trails’ in Kingwood, ‘Lakemont’ in Richmond, and ‘The Lakes of Savannah’ in Pearland.  The glue that holds these communities together and keeps attracting future home buyers is a united goal in creating livable, walkable, interactive communities that cater to people in the various stages of life.  Creating the splash park that transports a kid into wonderland, the greenbelt hike & bike trails that encourages a healthy lifestyle, the sidewalks and rhythmic shade trees that get you out of your house and into socializing with your neighbors is the goal, creating your community & your home.

I continue to look forward to new phases being developed within evolving communities like ‘West Ranch’, and I especially enjoy looking back at an established one like ‘Oakhurst’.  There is nothing more rewarding than getting to finally step back and observe the environment you helped create:  ‘The American Dream.’

Written by Briana Hirth

 “It’s wonderful to work with a tight-knit group of amazing professionals dedicated to achieving a united goal of creating unique and creative spaces for the surrounding community”

After receiving a Bachelor in Landscape Architecture with Honors from Texas Tech University in 2007, Briana moved to Houston and joined the Kudela & Weinheimer team.  Working with her team, she’s been able to put her training into practice creating livable, walkable spaces, for a variety of developments including, mixed use, office, master planned community, multi-family and commercial.
Her hobbies include photography and activities that encourage being outdoors like jogging, hiking, and walking her two wonderful dogs.

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