Outdoor Kitchens for Commercial Properties

Sarah Krouskop - Landscape Designer

Since many of our clients are multifamily developers and resort condominium developers, the projects which we work on are often located in warmer climates, where a person can spend a larger part of the year outdoors. Outdoor kitchens are an essential gathering center for residents to have an extended living space.  An outdoor kitchen is no longer just a built-in grill, it’s an extension of living space which can include an extra counter top for preparation, storage, bar top, sink, refrigerator, and stove top burners; many features which are important for outdoor kitchens at multifamily or commercial developments because of the proximity to one’s living quarters.

Kudela & Weinheimer designs kitchens with all the amenities the “grill master” or “event planner” could want.  Every kitchen is designed to extend the outdoor season and have as many accessible options as possible.  While each kitchen is uniquely devised, many of them have bar-like counters with long trough sinks or in-set coolers ideal to keep your drinks cold and an outdoor televisions for “tailgating.”  Others include lounge-like seating with a large slow-moving fan for a tropical island breeze feeling.  Outdoor kitchens can be as simple or deluxe as desired by the client. Fancy options such as pizza ovens, trash compactors, drawers, and television cabinets are all viable options for an outdoor kitchen.

See some examples of Kudela & Weinheimer commercial outdoor kitchens below. And visit our website

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