Meet our New Kids!

Over the summer Kudela & Weinheimer hired five newbies in our Houston office and one in the San Antonio office to round out our landscape design team and get projects done. At Kudela & Weinheimer we are all about getting projects done, On-Time and On-Budget, so these new additions were a key ingredient to ensuring that we keep our promises.

We are pleased to introduce: Danielle Bilot, Luke Anderson, Dustin Teague, Elizabeth Chapman and Jesse Cruce of the Houston Office and Kenzie Porter of the San Antonio office.

Kenzie Porter, San Antonio Office

K&W likes to have a diverse idea pool, and our employees come from all over! Danielle is from University of Oregon, Luke comes from University of Washington in Seattle, Dustin comes from Texas Tech University and Elizabeth and Jesse both came to us from Texas A&M University. Kenzie came from Texas A&M University as well.

Danielle, Luke, Dustin, Elizabeth and Jesse

And look how much fun they had taking head shots! They love Landscape Architecture so much, they were ready to get back to work, and be done with picture taking.

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